Title: Challenges with Conditional Record Updates on Form Submission in Knack

Hello Knack Community,

I’m experiencing difficulties with a form intended to update and delete records within my application. The form should update the status of connected records and then remove/clear those same connected records from the primary record, when it is marked for deletion. The form will not update the connected records, however it will then remove them from the main form. Interestingly, when I split the operations into two separate forms, the updates work correctly, suggesting a possible issue with dependencies or execution order.

  • The objective is to:
    1. Update the status of each connected Case record to “Processing” when the primary Shipment record is marked for deletion.
    2. Clear those same connected Cases from the Shipment record itself.

While splitting these operations into two separate forms—first updating the connected Case record status, and then clearing the Case field from the main record in a subsequent form submission—achieves the desired outcome, integrating these actions into a single form does not trigger the updates correctly.

Form Setup:

  • The single form is configured with two main record rules:
    • The first rule updates the connected Case records’ status to “Processing” if the Shipment record is marked as deleted.
    • The second rule is intended to update the Shipment record by clearing any connected Case references.

Despite the rules being set in what appears to be the correct order to manage dependencies, the update to the Case records’ status does not occur unless split into a separate form submission.

Troubleshooting Done:

  • I’ve verified all field references and rule configurations to ensure accuracy.
  • I’ve experimented with altering the order of the rules, but neither configuration yields the correct outcome when combined in a single form.

Questions for the Community:

  1. Has anyone experienced similar issues with record rules that depend on each other’s outcomes? How did you resolve them?
  2. Are there known limitations or best practices in Knack for setting up forms that need to perform multiple related updates based on a single trigger?
  3. Any insights on managing dependencies between rules in a single form submission would be very helpful.

Thank you for any suggestions or guidance you can provide as I navigate this issue. Your expertise and experience with similar scenarios would be invaluable!