Multi-Part Form - only complete records are submitted

Hi! Is there a way to create a multi-part form that doesn’t submit the record until the last part is submitted? Basically, I do not want incomplete records submitted. But I also don’t want a large, one-page form. Is there a way to achieve this? I appreciate any assistance! Thanks!

I add a “Yes/No” field to the table to track if the submission has been fully completed. The default is “No” and it updates to “Yes” via a record rule on the final submit.

If the user abandons the form completion it will never be marked as “Yes”. I then filter out any records where the submission status is not “Yes” in the live app via a data source filter.

I normally add an email notification on the final submit as well to notify the client or admin team.

As a Knack task can’t delete a record, I’ll use a scheduled Make scenario to delete any records marked as “No”.

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I would love this functionality as well - have a lot of complex forms that I would like to break up over multiple pages, but need the full form submission to go back to one table record rather than multipe incomplete records. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!