Multi Part Forms

I’m a newbie here at Knack, and loving it! I created a 3 page multi-part form per the instructions in the How To Guide. However when the forms are submitted, each form submits as a separate record. What am I missing to get 3 form and 1 record? Thank you

Hey @Joseph1 - welcome to Knack, I’m glad that you’re loving it.

You need to ensure that when the first part of your form submits that the submit rule is to redirect to a new child page.

On the new child page you can then add an edit view for page two.

Sounds like each form you have is separate hence why you are getting three records.

If you’re still struggling let me know and we can connect.


Thanks Carl, I missed the Edit Record for pages 2 & 3. I found other Q&A that mentioned that the only recourse was to redo. Won’t miss it next time!

Hi @Joseph1 - Glad that this was of help, can you please marked as “Solved” :white_check_mark:

You may also find the below inspired video of use, it shows the difference between writing the record at the end or editing a record. If you have a few pages and the user may wish to go back then creating a blank record first and then editing it is best.

If you need to remove the breadcrumb trail on selected views use the below CSS and replace xxx with the scene value.

// Hides breadcrumb on selected scene
$(document).on('knack-scene-render.scene_xxx', function(event, scene) {