Multi part forms appending to one table


I have quite a few complicated forms that we’re looking to migrate to Knack. To simplify the display rules and make the user experience better, I’d like to have these forms across multiple pages ie add summary details, save and next, subsequent child page shows questions based on answers in summary details etc.

I’ve tried using the multi page form example for job applications, but each form submission adds data to a separate table. I want all of my forms on the multi page process to go to the same table, because we pull the data from Knack into PowerBI for reporting. Any ideas please?

Hi, Isis!

Thank you for sharing your question here!

I’m guessing that you tried the scenario shared in the Create a Multi-Part Form article. If so, you can set it up to where all the data goes into the same table.

Our support team would be happy to assist you with setting this up and will be able to take a look at your app directly to show you what needs to be done in order to accomplish your goal. If you decide to reach out to them, you can do so by using the chat widget in the Builder or by submitting this form.

Happy Knacking and have a great rest of your week!