Data Base Update

I have a Status field that compares the Current Date with a Due Date with two outcomes - On-Time or Late. Problem seems that unless there is record update, the Status field doesn’t change. I would like this Status field to stay up to date at all times. Am I missing something? Thanks.

That would probably require some custom JavaScript for an onTimer event. I haven’t seen anything like that in Knack.

Hi David,

You can create a Task that updates the records daily.

If I understood your question correctly, you don’t want to update the Status field in real-time. What you’re saying (I think) is that your Status field is a calculated value and only updates when the records are updated. If that’s the case, then creating a daily Task will solve your issue.

OK thanks. That’s what I was thinking but I wanted an expert to weigh in on this. Much obliged.

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