Allow Tasks To Be Triggered By Status of The Target Table

As a knack developer, I would like to be able to set the criteria for running a task on one table to be dependent on the data in the target table.

For example, I would like to update child records where there is data missing.
Right now, my options are:

  • Update all child records for all parents - inefficient as it updates all children of all the parent records in the table.

  • Set an indicator on the parent records where there are children that need updating - better because only the children of the parents that need updating. But this adds complexity as it requires that an indicator be set for every child object that might need updating. This is error-prone and also adds unnecessary data to the parent object.

This feature would allow the Task criteria to be based on the conditions that are present on the target table. This limits the updates to only those children of specific parents that need updating. This would reduce processing time which better serves the user community. This would also benefit Knack as it would reduce processing costs.

Please let me know if you would like further clarification.
Have a blessed day!
In Christ,
John Ribeiro

Hi, John!

Thank you for sharing this request with us here!

I have shared this request with our Product team internally. I will provide any updates as they come!

Happy Knacking! :slight_smile:

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