Sync Connections between two tables


I have the following “problem” :

  • Table A, Project list
    Has a many-to-many connections to the account table used to define who is part of the project
    Has a list of tasks = a connection to Table B

  • Table B, Tasks list
    Has a many-to-one connection to the account table : each task is affected to an account

I want to display each project to accounts who are part of the project (so connections defined in Table A),
BUT I also want to give acces to the project to accounts who are in charge of a task which is part of the project.

My idea would be to update account connection in Table A in accordance with task owners set up in Table B, and them filter the view on project list based on this connection.

I do not have a solution to do that in Knack, I am about to create a scenario in to do it ; before doing so (should be avoided if possible), I am asking the community if a more clever solution could be found.

Thanks for your advices

Couldn’t you just put a dummy task “Is assigned to the project” automatically selected when a person is part of a project, and then only work with tasks, for instance display the Projects people have a task in (which include both task-people and higher ups)?

Hello Laurent

Thank you for your help.
Could you please provide more details regarding this solution ? I am sorry but I am not sure I have it.

My goal is to have “automatically” selected all persons having a task OR involved in the project.


I do this a lot too, where I set permissions to a record based on multiple fields in other connected tables. All I’ve come up with is to make a special field with a many connection to accounts, and then I sync it with a Make scenario. It’s not a great solution because I have to remember to trigger the Make scenario for lots of different changes in the other tables. So I’ll be curious to see if you come up with a non-Make solution.

Hello Patrick

I did not manage to obtain my first idea so I changed it !
I display projects in two separate grids, it is actually better for my case.



Have a good day