Update a "Many-to-many" Connection - Using make.com

Here is my case :

I have a documentation distribution list with basically :

  • Book A : User A, user C, user T
  • Book B : User A, user B, user G

When I create a new revision of book a, I call a script in make.com which creates a record in distributed_documentation table (for instance bookA+userA, […], etc).

It works fine.

What I want to do today is to create profiles, for example :

  • Math student profile : should have Book A and Book C
  • When a new student onboards, I assign him the math student profile ; after submitting, the distribution list table should be amended with this new student (each book included in the Math profile should have this student as a recipient).

I have done that with make.com, the problem I have is when I update the distribution list record, the update module in make overwrite all “many to many” connections ; I would like instead to amend the connection field.

Is there a better way to to this ?


Maybe you could ask Make support to help you.

Last time I need help and the support was very helpfull

You are probably best to split this over a few tables - eg,:

  • Student
  • Manuals
  • Profile

In ‘Student’ you have a many-to-many connection to ‘Profile’ allowing you to link the student to relevant profiles. You would control this in Knack.

In ‘Profile’ you have a many-to-many connection to ‘Manuals’ allowing you to link manuals to a student profile. You would control this in Knack.

You then don’t need to directly list the Students in the ‘Destinaires’ column - as you can use Make to find any students who are linked to a manual (via their profile). Eg, if I want to send to anyone linked to Book A I would do a search for any ‘Profile’ linked to that book, then use an iterator to search for any ‘Student’ linked to that profile - which would give a full list of relevant students (via Make).

You would have to create an array in Make and the add the new ID to the array and then set the updated array into the original object/record…