Appending Records to a Many to Many Connection Field with Record Rules

Hi, I am trying to create a form that when submitted, adds the logged in user to a list of users connected to the record. These users are the "followers", "Followers" being a many to many connection field where any given record of my main table connects to various users. The idea is that these users will get updates on major changes to these records via email.

The problem is I do not want other people to be able to add another user as a follower and therefore spam them with unwanted emails. The idea is to create an edit record form with no fields and change the submit button to say "follow". Then the record rules will update the record and change the many to many field to include the user who submitted the form. Right now though that user is replacing the current followers rather than having his name be added to the list.

Any ideas? Thanks

Hey Brad, any luck in figuring this out? The Code example link you posted seems to have been removed as well.

Only way I can see this working currently is via Javascript to add the current user to your followers field using the API - see

The Knack form rules for updating connections will replace the many-many with one one connection as they currently stand. See this discussion for a similar question

This topic is ripe for a post in How To section listing some Javascript when someone gets it to work!