Appending (Without Destroying) User Connections Using Record Rules

I would like the ability to add additional values, rather than overwrite existing ones. I would like to be able to append the current values in multi-fields (multiple selection multiple choice fields or a "many" connection field) so that I can add other selection options rather that overwriting the current values with scheduled tasks, imports or rules.

Scenario 1: I have a multiple choice field with the options red, blue, and yellow. I would like to to be able to add red to the field using a record rule without removing the blue and yellow values already set for that field.

Scenario 2: I have a fantasy baseball website and I would like to be able to allowing multiple fantasy owners to become connected to a particular fantasy player.

Just as a clarification, the functionality ideally would allow us to append ANY connections - not only User Record connections.

Agreed, having the ability to append User Records using Record Rules rather then overwriting would be an extremely helpful update. Since this can be done manually it should be possible using automation through Rules as well. Thank you.

Thanks Nir. This is helpful. Right now I am using a (not as good) workaround which adds a Record Rule that when the form is submitted a unique field from the record (a player ID from a player record in my case) is saved to the logged-in user's record. This will require me to go back and review all of the user records and manually update the player records to connect the users, which will take a lot of time but may be manageable if the number of users is reasonably limited. I'll definitely try your javascript approach if my app takes off and the manual updates get too oppressive. Scot

Hey Scot,

I recently had a similar problem in which I needed to update a parent record, with one-to-many relation to the child record, from the Form Record Rule. I was able to bypass the limitations using the following method. I replaced the Submit functionality on the form with my own javascript code, skipping the form rules altogether. In my code I used API calls to create the new record which was supposed to be created by the regular submit call. I used the form values to set fields as needed. Then, as a final action, still using the API, I retrieved the parent record, and updated its connection field with an array. This array contained the ids of the previous records appended by the newly created record.

I hope this helps