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I’d like to add a “Copy” button that would allow users to easily copy an entire field and insert it as a new record. I’ve tried a few approaches, but none seem to be working.

Thank you in advance for your help!

First you need make a connection between the object being Copied and itself
I put “Copy” in the name of Connection to help me remember why it’s there.


I do this in a table

By adding a Column that is an Edit Record Action


Then I make All the Fields Read only.

I edit the submit button to read “Copy this Entry”

Create a Record Rule for the Form to insert a new Connected Record
And Link Fields you want to Copy to Field Value in the Form.


When you are doing a copy feature, you need to set the field value to the connected value, not itself. That would look something like so:

This connection can be specified on a form before submitting or an existing connection.

Alternatively, to copy field values to other fields, this can be done in tandem with connected values on the same record rule. Here are a couple fields on the same record rule where I copy a field value entered into another field on the connected record:

Combining both examples allows you to copy an existing records values into a new record with the ability to manually adjust or add entered values as well. With an inline action button, you would only be able to do the first example since there is no form to set any values on and you are just simply copying a record. A menu button link with a modal popup or a table link with a modal popup would allow you to leverage both examples.

My Copy Form:

Hope this helps!

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