Copy Records to a Connected Object

Is it possible to have a Link in a Table or Detail View that allows for the copying of a record from one Object to another Connected Object?

I have an object that contains Estimates and an object that contains Jobs. The Estimates object is connected to the Jobs object on a one-to-one relationship. I would like to be able to "convert" an Estimate to a Job from a link in the Estimates Table or Detail View.

Example, but the Link is currently not functional.

Good lateral thinking Omar - but the Submit button is a form element and not a hyperlink?

Omar that sounds interesting, but not sure how to do it? How would I link to the SUBMIT button on the Edit form from the Table View?

Hey Jason-- what if you create a link to the "SUBMIT" button; then use that SUBMIT button link as a column in your table-- so when the link in the table is clicked, it activates the SUBMIT button that will insert the connected record?

No problem Jason.

I'm sure it's possible using a fair bit Javascript but you'd weigh up the development time vs functionality there.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yes, I was aware of that option and was able to accomplish the end result with an edit form and Record Rules, but I was hoping for a one-click solution.

No worries, as it seems to be working…it is just a couple more mouse clicks.

One way I can think of:

  1. Your table link opens a detail view of the Estimate
  2. That detail view has an edit view under it
  3. The edit view has few (if any) fields displayed, and you build the Record Rules to 'Insert a connected record', selecting the Job object from the list. Populate all the Estimate-to-Job fields from there.