Create connected record from link in table

I'm trying to create a table of records where one column is links to a form that adds a connected record of a specified type. Specifically, the table is invoices, and I'd like to have a link for each line that will open a form to add a payment.

My current workaround is a details view that contains nothing but a button to the add payment form, but I'd rather have the user only click once.


Derp! I completely forgot you can add a form to create a new connected record. SOLVED -- THANKS!

PS I just commented on a post of yours re: print link in modal windows. Maybe we can figure it out?


I think that's the good way

however to rephrase

1. Create connection between invoice and payment object ( one to many).

2. Create invoice table with link to detail view / call link add payment

3. In detail view show invoice details eg, customer, invoice No, amount due etc.

4. Add payment form view below the detail view.

5. Create form rule / Submit rule / redirect to parent page on submit

6. Set page option as modal.

This way : 1 click to open the modal with payment entry form. and submit closes the modal and refreshes the invoice page.(useful in case due amount is in table)