Create link to connected record in detail views

It would be nice to have a connected record be a link in detail views. If I have a client connected to a project, and he is shown in the detail view of the project, I would like to be able to click on that client's name to take me to the details of that client.

I am experiencing problems with this...sometimes, and I am struggling to determine when it occurs exactly. I believe it has something to do with a second level connection. For example:

I have Work Orders > Purchase Orders > Companies.

The main page is set to work with Work Orders, because they are at the bottom of this hierarchy (Is that logical?)

Displaying late Work Orders in a list at the top of the page I can get the Purchase Order to link to its own details. Then, in the Purchase Order details I can get the link to the Company details, however, I cannot get the company to link to the Work Order, and to be honest it is driving me absolutely crazy.

I think, think, that the solution is to create a direct connection between Work Orders and Companies, but I have always been on the mind that that is what the text combo field is most useful for in Knack, for moving data down the tree. Before I go crazy and start creating all sorts of form submit rules to set certain connections to other existing connections, I am curious if anyone has solved this?

On a side note, when building a details or table view, Knack gives you the option to link to an "existing page". Well I already have pages set up to view the Company details but the dropdown list does not include those as "existing pages" so I am quite confused.


Yes, Also as I posted here: