Connection field on form

New to Knack.
I see that I can add a connection field from another table to a ‘View’ form but not an Add or Edit form.
This seems pretty basic to me.
I’ve tried everything I know.
I really really need this.
Can anyone help me?

Hi Ed

It sounds like you’ll want to use a Submit Rule Using Submit Rules to redirect to a new child page to edit the connected field/s.

Hi Dean.
I have an Organization table.
Also, have a Training Logs table.

In the Training Logs table on the ADD NEW form there is a dropdown to select the name of the Organization from the connected field Organization in the Organization table.
I can do this and add connected fields to the ‘View’ form. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to add them to an Add or Edit form.

Like this:

Organization Table fields:
Organization name

On the Training Logs table on its grid I can display the Organization name, Name and Title(from connected Organization table.
I need to be able, when the Organization is selected from the connection filed dropdown to display the Name, Title etc. from the connected Organization table.
I can do all this on the grid and the View form.
Why can’t I also display these connected fields on the Add and Edit forms when on the Add form the Organization name is selected and on the edit form have it automatically display the Name, Title, etc from the connected Organization table.

Not to dispute anything you are saying. The following two images show the way that Knack “expects” to do things:

Add the Training Log records from the Org Detail page.

P.S. As a general rule I usually use a modal page for the add/edit forms with a button on the detail page that calls them.

I understand and have now incorporated that into our applications.
I have signed up for something that gave me access to the PREVIEW button in builder which is fabulous.
I want one of my other builders to also have that feature, but I can’t remember where he is to sign up for that.
Can you help?

Also, I got the Preview button but not seeing the data model in the left panel.
I did find the sign up page for preview.

I can’t remember either. Maybe it was in a forum post somewhere? I suggest you submit a ticket to make the request.

I found it.
Thanks for your help!