How to Inline DIsplay/Edit of Connected Records?

While Knack does support "connections", it is very awkward to turn them into usable interfaces.

For example, using a common idea, let's say we have 2 objects.  Books and Authors.

Author Has:    Name, Date of Birth, Notes

Books Has:    Title, Date of Publication, Notes

I'm trying to create forms and tables/lists that tie the two together in a normal way.

For example, I need a Edit-Author-Form that looks like:


Author Name:  John Doe

Date of Birth:   1/2/30

Notes: This is a bunch of text describing the Author

Books by This Author:

Book #1 | 01/02/40 |  The Title of the Book | Comments About the Book

Book #2 | 02/03/45 | Book 2 Title | Comments About Book 2

Book #3 | 03/12/48 | Book 3 Title | Some Comments About Book 3

[Add a Book]   [Delete a Book]


Currently, I can't see any obvious way to do this sort of thing.   You can add connected fields, but they are added individually, with their own sort and display options.   So, in the example above, I can sort the book date field, but it doesn't sort the "Book Title" field along with it.  So, if I do that, the dates line up with the wrong book title.

Is there some straightforward way to embed "subrecords" within the edit and display pages for the parent record?    (FWIW, Quickbase, Zoho Creator, etc, have no problem doing this).

Thank you to anyone that can help.

I might be missing something here Kerry, but the form you describe seems to me to be an edit form with a child table underneath, then a menu view for the Add Book form - a delete book link would be in the table with Knack.

Is this what you mean?


Edit Form for Author

Table view for Books

Menu view (including Add Book)


Also interested in this feature.