Connection fields on form

My app has the following 2 tables that are connected.
Account rep

Organization (dropdown from connected table Organization)

On the Opportunities grid I can add the Account Rep from the connected Organization table because when I go to add a column it lists all the ‘connection’ fields from Organization.
However, when I try to add Account Rep to the Opportunities Add or Edit form it onlt displays fields from the Opportunities table.

I need to be able to display, on the Opportunities add and edit form, the Account Rep (from the Organization table) after I select the Organization from the dropdown. Automatically fill in the Account rep field.

Hi @EdCooper15510

Unfortunately you can only add or edit fields from the same object. There is no support for forms that update multiple objects. I am hoping that it is on Knacks radar.

The only way you could do this now, would be to have a field in your Oportunities object which matches the field Account Rep in the connected Organisations object. Then, using form record rules to update a connected object, set the field in Organisations to match the field in Opportunities.


On the add or edit form can I just have a field, Account Manager, that is display only that when a user, on the Opportunities page selects the Organization from the connected dropdown, is displays the Account Manager on the Opportunities page?

This seems pretty basic and I must be missing something.
Display fields on a form from a connected table.
I really need this.
Transitioned from QuickBase where this was able to be done.

Hi Ed

If the account manager is in a connected object that is connected to the organisation then you can add a connection to the account manager in the Opportunities form and filter the connection by Organisation. This will then only show the Account Managers connected to the organisation in the opportunities.

Text formulas can’t be displayed in form views.

The other option is to look at coding it, but I would need a bit more context. If you’d like you can message me and we could discuss if you want.


Hi Craig.
I don’t know how add a connection to the account manager field in Opportunities form specifically.
If that’s done, and the Organization is selected in Opportunities will it then display the Account Manager (read only) from the Organization table?

There ideally should be a feature where once the connection is made and you select the key field (Organization) in Opportunities drop as many fields (read only) on the form.

No this is not possible in Knack. You can’t dynamically display fields from a connected object in a form. Even with the filtering option they would still have to select the manager from the list.

You could get the organisation filled in then redirect to a details view (Using submit rules) once the form is submitted. Then in the details view you can display all the fields from both objects.

For this to be done with code an API call would have to be made once the Organisation has been selected as there is no way to know the organisation before they fill out the form.


I’ll have my dev dept look at an API. I understand.

Don’t you think this concept should be part and parcel for Knack?
If you can do this on a grid you should be able to do this in a form
Display the ‘Connection’ fields to drop on the form.
All other competitors that I’ve looked this comes standard.

Yes it’s something we struggled with at the start but we have found ways to work with it.

You can find info about the knack API here:

My advice if you go down this road is to use view-based API calls.


OK Thanks. I’ll pass on to the devs.