Filter a connection field on an Edit Form

I have an Organization object. My Accounts (users) are connected to an Organization.

I have a Department object (ex. Sales, Marketing, Finance). The Department is connected to an Organization.

I have an Applications object (ex. Knack, Slack, Jira). Applications are connected to an Organization and a Department.

On NEW Application, the form filters out the Department field by the matching Organization (to my account/user).

On EDIT Application, the form will not filter... I can see all Departments. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Tony,

It's almost like when in doubt, reboot... and that did it. I just exited, cleared cache, logged back in and there it is - works great now. Feel silly for wasting your time but thanks again - I appreciate it. Matt

Sometimes I find that the builder doesn't behave properly and I have to exit back to the builder home page and re-open the app. Probably not the case here but worth pointing out.

I have found that when a field in an object has Conditional Rules it can't be used in certain places and I think Edit Forms may be one. In this case, removing the conditional rules, adding the field as required and then re-applying the rules again worked. In my case I was setting a default value when the field was null.

I was assuming that you get to your edit form via a Table. If you are doing it another way then maybe that is the issue. If you are getting to the Edit Form from a Table, try adding a second Edit Form (Table > Columns > Links > Link to Edit Record) and see where that takes you.

Hi Tony,

Thanks but unfortunately the "Show" option is not there. It is for my ADD form... I can go into my ADD Application form (which has the little key icon on its header), go to the Department field, click the edit pencil and manage the filter with the "Show" option.

But when I go into my EDIT Application form (which does NOT have the key icon), and go to the Department field, there is no "Show" option. I have, fwiw, looked for a way to get the key icon onto my EDIT Application form but I cant figure that out either.

I don't know if you have any other ideas, but thanks again. Matt

In the Edit Form (in the builder), click on the edit item (pencil icon), then in the "Edit Input" window change the "Show" option.

There is no way of doing this at Table level so you will need disable inline edits on some (or all) items. I am hoping that either somebody proves my last comment is not correct or Knack make changes to filter fields for inline editing.