Option to add an icon to add connected records from current form

I would like the Option to enable/add an icon (Maybe a configurable icon) to a connected record field to add a new record to that from the current form rather than cancelling the current form to go and add the connected record and start again (Similar to AppGini).

Hi, yes that is what I want but on the new Add Form it adds I cannot set a filter using a field value, so on the parent form I have say Company & Division objects/fields/connections and the divisions are filtered by the company for that form but if I select a company and it filters the divisions (Works beautifully) but want to add another Division to the selected company and press the + button to open the new form the company field isnt on the same option as the parent form was and the filter on the new form doesnt allow fields from the parent to filter it...... So nearly.. It would also be nice to have the option to view the record in a popup with another icon next to the + t check it quickly before using

Not sure I understand this one, this is different than this?

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