Add "Format" to Connection

I have added a connection to a record that has formatted values but when I view the page with the connection is doesn't have that and cannot be added so I would like the "Format" drop-down (With Custom) added to the Connection field type.


I'm also trying to find out how this sorting is handled but have not gotten an answer. 

Having the ability to manipulate the sorting default or even let the user custom sort these in any manner they wish would be a huge improvement. 

Our users add connected records and want the records sorted by the order in which they added them.  I cannot figure out a way to accomplish this.  

I'm trying to figure out how to solve this on the front-end side, while it is implemented [if it ever is].

How does the sorting work inside a many to many connected field records?

It is not alphabetically. Is it by ID? or by the date each connected field record was created?