Sort order not working as expected for connected records in details view

I have a details view set up for a record that also lists a set of data points it’s connected to in another object.

The sort order for the object is set to a date field and is returned in chronological order when making an API call. However, this order isn’t followed in the details view for some reason. It’s all jumbled up in some random order. It’s not even alphabetic order of that list of connected records. When checking for the records of the view using the JS backend, the object is already jumbled.

Any idea what’s causing this and how it can be fixed? Have any of you faced this issue before?

Not come cross this issue :man_shrugging:

Hey @Arjun - I’d reach out to support directly in order to troubleshoot this one with your specific app setup and confirm. We have a known issue related to sorting with connection fields - but it’s typically seen in a table view with grouping, so not the setup you describe.

Thank you and hope we can help get this sorted out for you.


Thanks Jessie. Will do :+1: