Allow table to be sorted by a field from a connected record

Tables can be designed to include fields from an object and fields connected to that object.

The ‘hover over’ sorting only applies to the fields from the “parent” object not the connected object. An end user will not necessarily be aware of the nuance (i.e. there is a parent and connected object involved in the presentation of the table) and therefore appears odd that only some columns of the table can be sorted.

Similarly, when setting the sort order of the table, the only fields available to choose are those of the parent object. This means that data held in a connected object, that would by convention appear in a certain order (such as a date) will appear instead in the order it was created.

Perhaps a setting could be created on objects themselves to set a field for the preferred sort order. In other words this could be achieved before any pages are created.


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Hi @patrick3

It may be worth asking Support to move your app to the new Performance Environment.

There are a number of updates and fixes in the new environment :+1:

Thanks Carl,

I have sent a message. It would be brilliant if this sorts the issue!!

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