Ability to Filter and Sort records in a table by a connected column

It is great to be able to include connected values in a table (although it would be nice to be able to go more than one level out), but Knack currently doesn't allow sorting or filtering records based on these values. It only allows sorting and filtering on values in the primary Object. I have a number of situations that required copying data from the connected object to the primary object so that I could provide this capability.

William, I did find a workaround for a critical table. Not sure if you've seen the solution yet. 

Table A is connected to Table B.

Table A has an auto field called "Help Ticket Number".

I'm going to build a report that whose primary table is Table B, but I need to be able to sort by Help Ticket Number (from Table A). This is the problem unless you do this.

  1. In Table B, create a New "Text Formula" field. 
  2. Name the field whatever makes sense, you can even name it the same as the original. Let's call this one "Help Ticket Number 2" just to be clear.)
  3. Set the formula to (in this example) Help Ticket Number/Table A = Help Ticket Number 2/Table B.

The result is that all of the Help Ticket Numbers from Table A will be copied as TEXT to the new Help Ticket Numbers 2 in Table B (It takes a few minutes for the copying to finish.) 

You can now use create a report based on Table B and use Help Ticket Numbers 2 as your sortable field. It will sort perfectly.

This was a lifesaver for me and very simple to do.


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+1 It would be useful to know that this is NOT possible before I begin designing a Knack database.  As a relatively novice Knack user I started trying to create something that I thought was quite simple but turned about to be complicated before of this limitation.  I'm not trying to decide whether to spend time coming up with a work around or whether to give up on Knack for the particular project I'm working on (i.e. the end product I might come up with is not worth the potential time invested).

+1 This and a few other items involving connections (two-way binds, inline editing connections, etc) should be the team's top priority IMHO. No more bells and whistles and interface updates until this core feature of this product is updated. Its current implementation is cutting the entire value in half....

I'm going to jump on this issue to, it is a major headache. This should be an option when editing the column. We should be able to sort and filter the data show from connected records.

I desperately need this too. Have had to create all sorts of painful workarounds that tend to confuse people who I am building for. Thanks.

Thanks Kimberly, that worked perfectly. Although I do agree with everyone this should be standard as a feature.