Drag & Drop Record Sorting in Live App

We build interactive touch screen displays and use Knack as a CMS.

Very often, we need the ability for a user to set a custom order to records that don't have a logical field to sort by.

For example, a set of pictures with names/descriptions. Currently we set a number system for clients to use, which is surprisingly difficult to explain, and creates a lot of work since the user often needs to update 'all' records when making changes. It tends to get them a little frustrated.

I would like the ability to drag/drop records in developer and design view to allow users to set their own order for records.

Please +1 this post if you could use this functionality too! And if anyone has a nice work around for this currently, I'd love some advice. Thanks very much!

If this is too difficult to apply on a mass scale, it be nice to have a starting point, even with some limits. For example, if your software needed to limit the amount of custom sorted records to 100 or less.

Or if you needed to press a button to open a sorting window...like an edit-mode, and then when the window is closed the database is updated.

Or if the user could drag and sort their records and call a button "Action" that would reset all Auto-Number field to the new order, that'd work too.

There's got to be a way for Knack to implement this. User-ordering/prioritization of records is a function that can literally improve tons of aspects of all kinds of apps in all kinds of industries. I guess I'll just have to keep checking into this every 6 months and hoping someone from Knack sees this. Even a response with a winky-face or a funny GIF would be nice.

Fellow designers - help us to boost this one up! I'm sure this feature will enhance almost any type of app. Custom ordering of data can be used in many ways to provide more functionality. Customizing priority is very important.

To clarify - we'd like the user or designer to be able to manually change the order of records on the front end or back end, on the fly. Once new order is set, it should also be noted that API calls will pull records in the new order.

Here's just a few examples I can think of from the top of my head. But please comment if you have a specific use-case.

  • Queuing / Take a number system / support ticketing - as staff member provide assistance, they can set their priority and work flow for who to help.
  • Inventory management - setting priority for ordering/re-ordering, and/or how inventory records are presented in the app.
  • CRM / Task management - setting priority of tasks, custom user hierarchies
  • Digital signage / company score boards - show metrics and KPI information on digital displays in the order management prefers.
  • CMS - ordering of photos, media files, etc for desired viewing on web pages and screens.
  • Field tech job list - adjust the order of jobs according to their schedule and route.

To me, it's pretty obvious there's many more applications for this, and we don't even work in these fields! We are only a digital signage company using Knack for a CMS :)

This is also closely related to our suggestion of the Auto-Increment number field to update when there are changes to the data, located here: https://support.knack.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360019030131-Auto-Increment-Update-Records-After-Changes

Help us vote this one up and let Knack know how it will benefit YOU! THANKS EVERYONE!


yes front-end drag-and-drop user-sorting would be great.