Table Option to make new linked record

In addition to the current link option I can put in tables (delete record, edit record, view details, link to other page), I'd really like to have an option to "create a linked record", assuming I could choose in the table settings which kind of linked record it would create.

That would be really useful for us to have, for example going to a table of files and creating a new linked audit or review of that file. Would be similar for lists of staff or anything else we'd need to create linked records for.

I was thinking of something that doesn't put you into a separate detail view and keeps you in a table but now that I say that I guess this is really just part of a different suggestion to create pre-programmable buttons on a table (

You're right that can be done in a detail view but I want to give users more options to do things while viewing the table and not take them into separate detail views whenever possible. In a similar vein there have been a lot of suggestions for upgrading table inline editing to have better filter functionality and such which already exists in detail views to make it easier for users to work within tables

Unless I am not understanding it, can't you use the detail view with a form to insert a linked record? You can even delete the detail part from the view once it is created.