How to filter views and create new records for connected tables?

Let’s say there are two Objects, A & B.

B is connected to A, with a many to one relationship so that each instance of A may contain multiple B records.

With a View showing a Table of A records, I’m looking for a way to:

  1. Create a link to a Table of B records with a filter automatically applied so that only Object B records that are associated with one A record are shown.

  2. Create a link that creates a New Object B record that is automatically connected to a specific Table A record by default.

Thank you


In your table of A records, add an Action Link to a Detail page (you can rename the link to fit what you are actually going to). On the new Detail page, you can delete the default Detail view and add a new view - Table, showing B records connected this pages A record.

For the second part, there are a couple of options. You could add a Form (click using a link during setup to put it on a new page) to add a new B record to the Detail page created above. Or you could add another Action link to your Table of A records (again change link name appropriately) to either an Edit or Detail view. Delete the default view on that page and add a Form view to Add a B record connected to this pages A record.

Hope this helps,