Create a record that is connected to user from a table of all records

I have a table view of all records of type "Node". Node has a connected "Order" object and "Order" object is also connected to "Client" (user)

Like this:

Node -> Order <- User

I want to list all nodes in a table and then create an order connected to logged-in Client when user selects to add an Order on a specific Node

Currently it will ask the user to fill in the Client field which is not what I want - I want it to automatically be set to a logged-in user object.

Is it possible to do this from the table view? So when a user sees a table entry and hits the action button, a new-connected record is created and a field called "logged in user" captures their ID?

Thank you! That is exactly what I wanted to do!

If I'm understanding correctly - When the user submits the form for a new 'order' - you want it to automatically capture and attach the login user to the 'order'.

If so -

  1. Remove the 'User' connection from the Inputs of the form
  2. Under Form Rules -> Record Rules
  3. Add New Record Rule

  • Action 'Update this Record'
  • When (Assuming default of every form submission is what you're looking for)
  • Value Set - User Connection Field - value drop down will have a 'Login User' option