Copy a Record with Form Record Rules

Please refer to "Copy a Record Using Record Rules" help article for current details on this workflow.

↓ -- prior instructions -- ↓

Here's a quick way on how to duplicate a record:

  1. Add a Connection Field to the Object that contains the records you want to duplicate. This will be a Connection to the SAME object. 
  2. Add a new form to a view that is connected to your record -- we'll call it 'Copy Record'
  3. The Form will have no fields, we want to access the Form's Submit Rules
  4. Create a new record rule to insert a New Record connected to this Record, assign which fields you want to duplicate and set them to inherit the form value of the same field. Make sure you assign the 'Copied From' field to a unique field in your record so you know which record is the original.

Congratulations! You can now duplicate your fields

If you're familiar with Javascript / jQuery, you can try a more sophisticated method


SOLVED: I wanted to calculate the date for the new connected record. I was trying to set the new record's date with an equation. It can only be a date!

If you want to set a date field to a calculated field, here's how:

In DATA > object > Fields you should have three fields: the original date, the modifier, and the new date. 

For example (things you type are "in quotes" don't include quotes):

Date, "ThisDate", Date Format and Time Format [the way you want them--Time will work!] 

Number, "Repeat" [input the number of days until the next date]

Equation, "NextDateCalc",

  • Equation Type Date,
  • Date Type days [because we're adding days],
  • Result Type Date,
  • Equation {ThisDate}+{Repeat},
  • Date Format and Time Format [just like original date field "ThisDate"] 

[Add a 4th field]

Date/Time "NextDate"

[Go back into that field.]

Settings tab

  • Make sure the Date Format and Time Format match the original date field "ThisDate"

Conditional Rules tab

  • check Add conditional rules
  • When ThisDate > is not blank
  • Value Set NextDate > to a record value > NextDateCalc

Now under PAGES, open the page with your "Copy Record" form, open the form.

  • On the left, Form Rules > tab Record Rules
  • Action > Insert a connected record > a new (object) connected to (same object)
  • Values > Set ThisDate > to a form value > NextDate

Works like a charm!

Everything carries over...except the date. I'm setting my "This Date" field (date and time) from my "Next Date" field (calculated date and time). I made sure the settings on both fields match. What am I doing wrong?

Is there any way to copy the connected records too?

Sweet, thank you for this.  It worked like a charm even though a few things didn't quite line up with the screenshots. I definitely would not have thought of it myself, and yet it will now be an important part of our system.

I am looking for a solution like this as well but a little more integrated.

The primary goal is to reduce as much data entry on new customer experience as possible. Therefore 

  1. The Master Settings Object would come pre-loaded with default data. 
  2. A User Settings Object would would be blank
  3. A New User account creation process would copy the Master Settings into the User Settings and assign the Current User as the User
  4. The User would never see the Master settings.
  5. The User could add to the User Settings and/or modify as needed without effecting other Users. 
If I had to find a zapier solution to pull data into a new User Setting object from Google Sheets, then that is workable. But it is almost imperative that the New User not have to deal with any of this. They create a New User login and the system is ready to use. 

Is there any way to automatically redirect the user to view the new (duplicate) record in an edit form once the new record is created? 

My goal is to base a new record off of an existing one but give the user the ability to make a few changes (i.e. different delivery date, etc.) and then submit.



Tables can now have view details, edit and copy options... works brilliantly. Thx Nic!

Yes, Knack pushed some fixes and they have it back up and running.  Great support!

Hi Jeff,

Yes this still works like a charm :) Feel free to open a ticket if you run into any issues.

@Landin / Donald / Nicolas,

I'm beginning to implement something similar to this. You indicated it was working previously and has stopped. Is it working again now?

Thanks in advance,


I will also add a ticket, but I'm experiencing exactly the same thing as Landin.

Hi Landin, this should still work. Feel free to submit a ticket at and we can take a look

Does this still work for others?

I had this working on a couple of our Apps but it had stopped a few weeks back and I can no longer recreate it.  

The submit button to make the copy spins for a second then stops.  No new records are created.

 Yes, works great! It must be an edit form, not an add form.