How DO I update a field in the same object if other fields in that object are changed

I need to update a field that is set to Date/Time with the current date and time if one of three other fields (Street Name, Street Number or Zip Code) are changed/updated/added. Is there a record rule I can set to do this? If not, how do I custom write the java script to carry this out?




Hi Jerry,

I hadn't actually tried my suggestion. Looks like I was wrong. You'll need to use jquery or integromat to get this done I think.

Having the previous field value recorded in another field would still be necessary though IMO. If you're not familiar with code I'd get integromat. It's freemium and very powerful. You will be able to compare the fields values in Integromat and then update the field when your conditions are meant. Alternately, just move those fields to their own forms and set up the record rules in Knack.


Hope that is helpful.


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Justin, regarding "add a submit rule that if Street_Name is not equal to Street_name_Dupe" in your suggestion. Submit rules associated with a view don't support the comparison and logic you described. The "when" logic doesn't support comparing two fields. Same for Record rules. Could you clarify how this is done in Knack? Thanks. Jerry


@Shrey that would work if those were the only fields in the form but I was under the impression he wanted to set the date only if (1of 3) of many more fields in the form were changed. Prehaps I misunderstood. In this case the simplest solution would be to move those 3 fields to their own edit form and do what Shrey has suggested. If they are not the only fields in the form and you must have only one form then you'll need to compare the value being entered to each of the field's previous values. In that case my previous solution might be the simplest.

The simplest option is to set a Record Rule in the view(s) from where your Address field will be created/edited. 

Record Rule: Set Date/Time to Current Date/Time.

Create a duplicate field for each field. Set a task every night at 11:45pm to set the value of each duplicate field to the source field's value. then add a submit rule that if Street_Name is not equal to Street_name_Dupe then set Date/Time to today. Repeat for each field. If you don't have knack pro ie tasks functionality then you can get integromat.