Update Field_A to Field_B value

Is that possible? I’m trying to do that in the Builder (not the live app).

I know I can create a new field and use conditional rules, but I need to update existing records, not new ones.

So I used a trick -

  1. Created new field w. conditional rule
  2. Created dummy 2nd new short-text field
  3. Updated new dummy short-text field w. dummy value - this causes the field w. conditional rule to update
  4. Deleted dummy 2nd new short-text field

But this still requires this extra field w. conditional rule. It would be much better if I could use my original item field with update rules when adding/editing.


Nice workaround :+1:

I need this function as well. I’m trying to understand your workaround, but I don’t get what the conditional rule should be, or why it’s part of the steps.

My situation:
I have a field that’s currently an equation field, but I want to put all those values in a number field which, from now on, will be entered directly instead of computed from other fields. I need to update all the old values from the equation field to my new number field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yeah, that’s the problem. Knack doesn’t give you a way to duplicate a field’s values to a new field. In my example the conditional field behaves similar to an equation field. It’s basically a “calculation” using conditional rules. That won’t work for what you want. You could use Make to do what you want. You can open a free account there. Carl has good videos on using Make and Julian Kirkness has good blogs which are very helpful for using Make (formerly Integromat).

Hi @Blase - as @PeterJurgen points out, Knack doesn’t have an “append” function. To update / copy your calculated field into the new number field is an easy process if you are familiar with the basics of using Make.
This would require using a Search module to lookup all your records then an Update Record module referencing the same record using the Record ID and put the calculated field into the number field and then run the scenario.

Getting Started with Integromat

Thanks, @CarlHolmes and @PeterJurgen!

I’m not familiar with Make. I’ll save these tips so I can learn it later, but for now I just need a quick fix. The old equation field almost always had values between zero and four (most records are zero), so I think I can just set the new numeric field’s default to zero, and then run four different record updates:

if old_field = 1, then set new_field to 1
if old_field = 2, then set new_field to 2
if old_field = 3, then set new_field to 3
if old_field = 4, then set new_field to 4

Thanks for your help, and it’s great to know that there’s a lot of expertise out there. I’m sure I’ll be asking for more help again soon!


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@Blase - doing four updates as you state is going to be the easiest and quickest method. If each equation field was different then using Make to lookup the value and paste it into the new field would be far easier. Make is an excellent tool which not only connects hundreds of web apps but helps you extend Knacks functionality :+1: