Setting data in column Y based on column X

I see that there’s an Update function in the Builder, on the Records tab, that would allow me to set values in column Y in a batch. But unless I’m missing something (hope I am!) this won’t do what I want, because the options are too limited. Say the table has 100 records, and column X contains about half a dozen different names. I want to set those various values from X into column Y, so that if X in record 27 = “Bob Smith”, then Y gets set to “Bob Smith”, but if X in record 48 = “Delfina” , then Y in record 48 gets set to “Delfina”.

In Airtable, I could just copy column X and paste into column Y (like in a spreadsheet). In FileMaker, I could use the calculated Replace and write a formula that, for each record, sets the value in Y to the value in that record in X. I can’t see how to do something similar in Knack. Is it possible?

Hey @WilliamPorter - You are correct, the update only updates records in one column, it doesn’t append / updated records in another column based on the first.
I presume this is a builder update that you need to do whilst building out your application.
I’d do this with Integromat.
Check out some of the “green” Integromat videos to help you get started. It’s actually pretty simple, just a bit of a learning curve. DM me if you want to get into it.

Thanks (yet) again, Carl. I have subscribed to your channel in YouTube and watched the video showing how to use Integromat to move record values from Knack to Google Sheets. I have a little experience with Integromat + Airtable so this is not terra incognita for me.

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@WilliamPorter - glad to help. :blush:
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