Can you enter a series of records where some fields have the same value?

Let’s say that we have a table with three fields:

Every now and then I want to enter a bunch of records.
We have 5 records that we want to enter where the date is 1/5/2022 and “By” is “Peter”.
Then we have 8 records we would like to enter where the date is 1/27/2022 and “By” is “Sally”.
Typically the Item field will be different for each record.
When I enter the records I want to enter the Date and the By once for the first 5 records and then change “Date” and “By” for the next 8 records.

IOW’s I don’t want to have to enter the same date and same person 5 times and then again 8 times.

In other tools I simply put a couple of form variables on the Add form, set the values for Date and By and enter a bunch of records, change the two values and enter another bunch or records and so on.

How to do in Knack?