Lookup between objects

I’m migrating from using Excel to Knack and so far I am really impressed.

However, I am now trying to reference data records in an object (for example, historical exchange rates) that I need to look up based on a value (such as date) in a different object.

Ideally, I need to use the looked up value in a Knack equation (so I can calculate a foreign currency value), or failing that set a field in the referencing object with the looked up value so that it can be used in an equation (to calculate the foreign currency value).

In Excel this was accomplished using VLOOKUP. However, In Knack, I understand it requires a custom API, but I am not a developer, so I need more help than is available in Knack’s API documentation.

So, if you have experience creating APIs like this, where do you recommend I begin.

Alternatively, if you are a freelancer who could help with this and similar future requirements, please let me know.

Thank you

Hi Steve

You are essentially correct in what you say (if I understand correctly). Knack requires a Connection between records in the two objects to be able to do this type of thing in the builder with Equations. This may be possible for your needs but there is another way to achieve this in a No Code way - which is to use Integromat as a visual ‘programming’ tool for Knack.

I have written several blog posts on this topic (including 3 called ‘Programming Knack with Integromat’). You can find them using the link below:

The combination of these two tools (Knack and Integromat) is awesome!


Thanks Julian

I’d be really impressed if I can do this (and more complex stuff) in Integromat. It looks very exciting.

I note that there are only triggers for rows created or updated via the Knack Live App, so I’m wondering if scheduled scenarios will run on data added to Knack by Intergromat, Zapier and imports into the Builder.

Your examples in the blog are a bit complicated for a first scenario, so I’m working on a simple test…


Hi Steve

There are actually several ways to Trigger Integromat from Knack - the Added and Updated records being the most common. However, you can also trigger them with Webhooks (requires a little JS) or, if you prefer to avoid that, emails (Integromat call these Mail hooks).

I have just written an article about using Knack Emails to trigger Integromat which I hope you find useful: