I have the following 3 objects (Routes, Products & Quotes):

When someone enters a quote for a Product, i would just like to disclose on DeliveryPlace Field the possible DeliveryPlaces, and to automatically calculate the Delivery Cost for that Product to the Selected Destination, without disclosing the Origin (LoadingAddress) of the product…

How could we implement it?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on your table relationships but you should be able to use a text formula field or just use the value from a connected table in a view.

I’ve been able to set it up by following the instructions of Feature Highlight: Dependent Dropdowns on Forms - Knack Blog

Use Integromat. Quite simply, it’s magic.

@SteveV - thanks for signposting my post here - I was going to do the same but had a busy weekend!

This would be quite simple to do in Integromat - just search for a Routes record with matching LoadingAddress and DeliveryPlace, find the value and update the quote. The only potential issue is that this would not happen visibly in the UI as you enter the record - unless you were to use the technique I describe in the following article to return a response to Knack: