Ability to add a new database object based on existing object

When we add a new database object, we can:

* Start from scratch

* Import from a spreadsheet or

* Quick Add

It'd be nice if you could copy an existing object in the app. I often have tables storing similar but slightly different information. So being able to use an existing table as a template would be handy. Although, I guess the workaround is to download a table to csv and then upload.

The copy function still only works within the app. I need to copy objects from app to app.

Great to see there is now a copy function in the Database. This will be very handy. Many thanks!

I wish to look up a record in an unconnected database, then copy fields of the found item to a different database. My main issue is using a form with a database not connected to the current form. EG: I have parts I can look up in the records. I save these to a second linked database with dates, modified description, a status, Purchase order its on, etc. and connected to the form I was looking at. The copy part is easy now. How to link it to the unconnected database?