Copy records in the Builder

It would be useful, if the developer could easily copy a record in the builder.

Please add a button next to the Add, Edit, Delete buttons at the bottom of the page.

Rachelle, this doesn't sound right to me.  

Are you exporting your records, changing a date field, then re importing the records to your database?  If this isn't working, I'd ask the support people to help out.

There is a round about way of duplicating records with a task.  First create a connection from your record to the same record.  Then you can create a task that will insert a record for every record that meets a certain criteria in your database.  Then you can select what fields you want to copy over and what fields you want to enter custom values for.  Its a round about method, but it works.  

Getting the import to work, or redesigning the data feel like more elegant solutions then.


Please allow us to be able to copy records. I need to copy about 7,000 records from one year to another and only change one field. I am currently estimating that I will spend 50+ hours doing this by importing files and having to correct multiple fields because they don't import correctly. 

In the app, you might be able to accomplish that using existing features.  

Maybe a create new record rule and insert values from a referenced record into select fields?

I'll throw my vote for this as well. I would like to be able to duplicate an existing record and modify it to create a new entry. Some of my records have numerous fields and the copy only needs to change one or two of them. Would save a lot of time. It would be useful to be able to do this in the live app and not just in the builder.

Seriously agree! We were told in 2015 that the ability to copy records when you copied objects would be coming in future releases. It's the future folks!

One year later, this would still be nice.

If I could have done this today then it would have made my life easier.

This is actually a feature that is missing and that would be very helpful!