Copying Object and Page View Settings and Structure To Another App

It would be great if I could copy an object structure or page view structure from one app and import it into another app on my account.

This way I would not have to create an app architecture over from scratch in a new app with a similar structure. It would save time beyond measure. It would be like writing code and then not having to write all of the code over again because you already wrote the basic structure for another project.


This would really really help.  We have a Knack app with over 50,000 users now and in order to maintain the app, we need a team working on the builder.  Given that it is so dangerous to collaboratively work on the builder simultaneously (one user can easily over write the work of another), we've all but given up on this.  The only way to go is to have a development app which we do our development on then publish over to the main app.  However, currently this means tediously manually replicating all the new rules and pages.  Not very practical!  If there was a way to link two apps and publish over the changes in pages that would be a massive step forward.

Paul I have not migrated to tthe new builder as yet though I have tested it.

Biggest fault I found is when you store any images in external resoucre such as Onedrive and have the literal address of the image entered into a field (for retrieval and display).

The new builder system was NOT importing these correctly and appending quote marks and html type statements as a prefix at both ends negating the copy process. (i.e <img src=".

I did report this and it was confirmed. They have responded thatit has been addressed but be careful if you have any such data. maybe import half a dozen records first to ensure integrity before pulling the lever on the whole database


Find an alternative platform, the non availability to duplicate a project and data is why we have ditched this as a platform.

If all you want to do is transfer data than use the data export to txt/csv and then in your new project data import 

I'm about to migrate all records from one app to another, for the first time. Does anyone have advice, tips, or things to watch for that might save me some headaches when I get going?

Yes, copy.not only pages and views from/to applications but individual objects with or without records also

Dear Knack, please do seriously consider this capability to copy the page and views objects from one application to another application.  This would effectively allow us developers to have development environment using the application space.  Otherwise, when an application goes into a live production environment, it is practically impossible to build or enhance the live app securely.  My Users are constantly requesting for additional features and enhancements, which I am facing a lot of challenges meeting those demands.  

In addition, without the ability to output the full set one configurations from the Pages and View objects, migrating the code from one app to another is made even more challenging.


Please Knack team, focus on this, it would be a major improvement

Without this function, there a huge waste of time of recreating app - views, rules, actions, etc. Definitely YES. The sooner the better.

I would also add that as an app developer there is insufficient space or facility for development testing in a live environment. If I have to use the clients database to do modifications and testing it means

1. I either prevent others seeing a test module in live scenario by using a developer login option and user  or

2. In have anduplicate database to ensure the mod works with live data without effecting the live data in a negative fashion..

Having to massage data for example outside the database and then re-importing means working with excel or the like in a csv or text environment. Admittedly tools for data management are limited somewhat online. i.e you can't select a set of record and bulk update a field with  new or corrected values easily.    

Just needs to go that few yards more from a developers perspective and a few things internally such as relational linking of images to make it an absolutely first class product..



This is the first major failing for Knack.  It should be easy to backup and restore an app such that we can a development and live environments.  Even if it used up the App count it would be worth it.  

I have come up with a work-around where I establish a Subscription object and can then limit the data a company can see and therefore have multiple companies in the same application. Doing this allows me to modify the Production app, although it’s still a manual process. An automated way to do this would be great.

The biggest issue with my database is that when the customers find out that their data exists in the same application another company is using, they don’t get a warm fuzzy. I would like the ability to have a DEV environment. Anytime I get a new customer, to have the ability to make their version of a Production app. Then, as requested from others, we would need a tool to move objects, pages, views, etc. to all other Production applications, keeping the customer’s data intact.

No separate development/production environments is biggest fragility/downside of Knack. I’m considering moving out of the platform due to this.