Share Database tables between APPS

As a Knack Builder I would like to be able to share data in certain objects between apps so that I do not have to maintain duplicate, but the same data in different apps.

Scenario: There are three apps: INVENTORY, CRM and JOBS, each needing "contacts", "suppliers" etc. and in order to not have my apps get too large and unwieldy I have made them in to separate apps for different branches of a large company.

Let me add my vote here. We definitely need shared databases between apps. It's the best way to organize different work streams that may have pieces of information that is shared, but where most of the date is unique to the work stream. It also cleans up all the pages and user roles needed in one single app

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This is the most expected feature we are waiting for. Even more then the new builder. On friday I received the information that my app schema is close to its limit and I should think about deleting parts of it or creating different apps. But how to do it efficiently, if I cant share my database with multiple apps? I can't just create a new database to work like this. I need to use a single database for everything, because everything is connected in my app. I'm using a private server and I was told that not even increasing it's power will make a difference in my case. So we really need this features ASAP.


Hello, any update? It´s a feature request since 2014 ... 

New Knack user here. Only been at it a month and already see the great need for sharing records between apps. Otherwise, the app just gets messy.

I see this has been a topic since 2014 with the last Official Comment that I found in 2015. Please Knack, give us some hope!

If would be nice to have the ability to create one user database for authentication and use that database across multiple applications built and be restricted based on roles or departments.

User 1 can login to app # 1, 2, & 4 with same login but not app #3. with same login information. Setup would work just like roles for same app but be used to see which apps user can login to and cannot.

As it stands now you would have create a new user database each time you create a new application even if the same set of users are using that new application.


Any updates on this?

This is also something I would use. I have a few use-cases that would mean reusing a lot of the same data but making it all under one app doesn't make sense and would become unwieldy. The other option is to keep copying the same (ever-changing) tables to the other apps that need them.

Hope this is something that can get added soon.



Knack has an extensive API. Whilst there's some work to do, much of the above requests can me achieved with API calls between separate app/modules or 3rd party SaaS.
The key here is planning out our solution with the future in mind.
Because building an app with knack is fast, it's easy to steam ahead without solid planning in mind, therefore you end up well down a development path without the above consideration. This is the same for many frameworks.
So plan ahead, use API's.
My 2 cents

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Yes! This is desperately needed. Right now I am building the app we use for everything across the company and I wish I could clean it up and have the different areas (HR, Sales, Project Management) in their own apps but talking to other apps to make a bigger integrated system. I can't even group objects and now have a very long list of objects (and pages) and it can be confusing and messy. 

Separating into integrated apps would also make it easier to build in a way that management of the app could be passed on with less confusion.


Please Knack, make this a priority.

I see this request goes WAY back. Any updates?

Yes to this, please.

I would love to see this feature! It will really take Knack to the next level. I personally have a stack of potential projects that would immediately become viable if I could connect data between apps.

I build Integrated Management Systems for clients and each has different needs in terms of Apps (or modules). For example, one may need a Quality system and a Safety System whilst another may need both of these plus an Environmental system.  Building all of these together  in one application is problematic and makes trouble shooting difficult.  It would be better if I could build each system as an individual app (almost like a module) and then combine them based on a clients needs.  This also has the advantage of being able to upsell to clients when I build a new app that can be then added to their current system easily and without having to change the existing layout etc.


This is a much-needed feature so I hope this is a priority on your update schedule. Would make it so much easier. 

I vote yes. ASAP please :)

Agree with above comments for sure.  At least the current work around allows for restricted page access to different users, which KIND OF gets at the point here.  But again, this means you end up creating 1 huge app instead of several different apps that are user specific.

Still, KNACK is a fantastic product.  :)

The problem is that any update on knack takes ages to happen...

This would be an absolute game changer! Would open up an entire world of creating a manageable ecosystem of apps for an organization!

If we're expected to make everything 'under one roof,'  I emphatically request the ability to group objects and condense them similar to the pages menu currently. 

We simply have too many objects to attempt to have everything under one app, which is why everyone is begging to share common data between apps (which, we believe, should exist also).