Add ability for shared builders to make copies of apps

As a Knack developer, the "Shared Builder" structure generally works really well. However one feature that is lacking is the ability of creating copies of apps as backups. Frequently while developing an app for a customer, I want to be able to make a backup copy of the app before I make some large changes which might go awry. In these cases, I need to request for the customer to make this copy, and wait for them to let me know it's done.

It would be nice to be able to initiate an app copy as a Shared Builder. (I understand from a security perspective the app needs to continue to be owned by the customer's account, and might be limited by how many apps their Knack plan allows.) The copied Knack app should automatically also be shared with the Knack Builder that initiated the copy.

This doesn't present any security or proprietary issues, since the customer already shared the original app with me, and I'm just making a copy of that.

I'd add to this the ability to create a new app as a shared builder, either from scratch or with a template.

Currently, Knack does
not have a feature to allow shared builders to copy and delete apps at the same
level as the account holder. As the only sole user in
my company who can copy, delete, and share apps with other users, this is slightly limiting from a risk mitigation point of view: I would like to request Knack to allow at least two users with equal administrative rights to maintain a company-wide system.

Yes, please add this functionality.  I am an API integrator and I need to be able to easily copy a database into my TEST environment with the same name as the Production app.

Just wondering if this issue has been addressed yet? I am part of a smaller company and there are a number of us who require the same access as the account holder to be able to administer this system efficiently.