We have new features at Knackmods what would you like to see next

Hey fellow knackers,

I have new 'Features' and 'functions' to help fully customise your knack app with full and free support.

We just now need your support and want you to request modifications you would like to see.

I also have functions.....

I can chat to you directly through the app and really help

Please get in touch or join



Hi Jonathan, I am relatively new to Knack, and have been communicating with the Tech Support team. I hope I am posting my thoughts into the right forum. My wish list is as follows,

1. Within an App (developed using Builder) :: Need a facility to easily (especially) import data into the database from an app (vs. builder) - this is to facilitate batch mode transactions that can be initiated by end User - vs requiring the person with Knack Builder access only to be able to perform the data import. This should include ability to define the max. number of rows that can be imported at any one time.

2. Within BUILDER :: Need a capability to have a development/staging environment. That changes made in development environment can be copied to the Production environment without having to (like currently) recode the changes into the Production environment. Applicable for the Data Objects and the Page Objects. OPTION :: Currently there is no capability to copy changes made in one application (which can be treated as the development environment) to another app (which can be treated as the Production environment).

3. Within an App (developed using Builder) :: A capability to force a User logout of the application - as part of the Submit (redirect) rules. Currently I can only display a message or go to a specific page, but not force a log out from the app.

Hi Jonathan - well received I will respond on email for ease of communication. Just to say again your site if really great to enable customisation of our knack apps with full and free support. I'm excited to see what else you post in the next couple weeks as I understand there will be a few new features released!

Hi Clyde,

Many thanks for your post. I see you have also emailed me so I'm going to reply to you through email instead.

Exceptionally useful features thank you Jonathan - I logged onto your app this morning and created an account however every time I try to go back to the site it takes me to the sign up page with no option to login. If you could please advise.

Some of my queries include two features you currently have:

1) Side Menu - on desktop this feature readjusts the content on your site / pages beautifully. However on Mobile the content is covered in part by the menu. Is it possible to have it behave the same way as it does on desktop? (see screen shot below)

2) Home Screen Items - in the screen shots you have on this post of features and functions, you have in essence created blocks that are animated on scroll over, both on mobile and desktop. The drop shadow seems to increase as well as the block size. How did you achieve this with which custom code? Structurally in Knack are the page views set up as tables, lists or other?

Once again thanks for your posts and shared insights! Clyde