Even more tips and tricks from Knack mods this week!

Hello Knacksters,

In these uncertain times, I personally hope you are all well and keeping safe. 

Just a quick message to let you all know KnackMods have again added some awesome new tips and tricks on the app. I have added such things like awesome new Scroll bar, Corner Ribbon, modified input fields, sticky table headers and more.

KnackMods really need your support and feedback, so existing users, please add your suggestions for new features here.


If you haven't signed up already please join us, it completely free.




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Thanks Noel,

I have emailed you regarding this 

Thanks again

Hi Johnny, super resource thank you for making it available.

I have been able to use some of the CSS ideas in my app. Others are beyond me....mainly the JS stuff.

I suspect there are users that came to knack because of (initial at least) lack of coding skills and it would be very beneficial if somebody knowledgeable put a short tutorial together how to apply these as the GUI/Front end tools in knack are currently a bit weaker than I'd like.

Especially how to "localise" some of the javascript snippets you provide and one might apply (even the simpler ones)

thanks very much again for the generosity of your time



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Great resource for snippets, tips and tricks, well worth joining and supporting.

I have tried to sign up multiple times but it won’t let me in?

Hey Kim, I’ve contacted Johnny, I’m sure he will circle back to you here shortly :+1:

Hey Kim,

Apologies if you’ve had some trouble signing up. Use this link below and let me know if you have any issues.


email me at jonathan.mart.parsons@gmail.com

thank you!

Thank you very much Johnny.

I’ll send you some request! :smiley: