Help with custom code

Hi Knack experts, I’m totally new to this but loving Knack. Like most people I’ve got stuck at the custom code as I don’t know CSS or JS. Is there anyone who might be willing to spend an hour or two with me talking me through the basics of adding custom code? I’m obviously happy pay someone for their time (ideally not for a crazy amount as I work for a Not for Profit organisation). Thanks!

I’m not a coder but have picked up a number of useful snippets over the years. What are you trying to achieve with CSS and or JavaScript?

Hi Carl, I’d like to freeze the first columns of tables, fix the scrolling down on tables so that the headers don’t disappear and make attachment links shorter so that they don’t take up a whole table if it has a long file name. I’ve found the code that people like you have kindly shared but I can’t get it to work (probably because I have no clue what I’m doing!)

Hi Alice, Not sure if you got your code working with Carl?
I’m no expert but have got a fair bit of CSS/JS in my apps so happy to assist if you need it.
Feel free to email me at if you want.

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