CSS Selector - Best Practices Tips and Tricks?


While I love building apps in Knack builder most of my time seems to be burnt actually on the design aspects afterwards i.e. customising CSS. I have seen some very attractive apps built with knack so this keeps me motivated. I have read the developer docs but I still find it extremely frustrating trying to find the right selector to apply revised CSS to (I'm using the DOM inspector in Chrome). I have seen some more advanced users (e..g 8947499407, 369481659772 etc)  use "plugins" that allow you see the object id and views etc. What I am wondering is are there are best practices or tools that can be used to ease this whole customisation process ? 

Would anybody be willing to put together a short video/Post of their setup and some principles they apply when customising css. If something already exists Id love to hear about it

(As reciprocal action I'd  commit to capturing  these in a single resource  and making available to community)

tks Noel

I’d like to refresh this topic because I also spend a lot of time finding the right selectors. Would love some help. Maybe organized by Report Views, Vs Label views, Vs table views, etc.