Knack feature toolkit (free). Help upgrading your knack apps

Hi Knackers,

I have added my own app for a list of features that I have previously posted in the community. The app gives you free code and discussions with me personally to help you modify your own features.

You can then access free code and advice on how to implement this into your knack apps. Once you launch a request for help you will then have your own panel of help requests. Where you can track your progress.

I Can then have a 121 discussion in the app with you based on your features that you want to use.

I hope this feature is welcomed and I would love for people to sign up, it's free s give it a whirl

Tony I emailed you

Oh just saw a classic Knack error where the tables all disappear from the screen after the page loads, then 3 seconds later blank. Usually from a javascript error but. I could see the error in the console but it just disappeared after about 10 minutes I refreshed a bunch of times and then it was gone. I was actually in the process of making a screen recording for you and it was fixed lol

Hi Tony, 

Firstly thanks for signing up! Yes I have been slightly improving it but not at the time of your message.

What exactly was you trying to do?

I'm guessing you are working on the site right now. seeing random errors come and go

good idea! So I encourage everyone to create an account. I already did that ;-)