This week at KnackMods we have added over 50 new features and functions

Hey fellow knackers,

This week's updates include over 50 new design and functions features for ........FREE. We aim to help you have your own toolkit to add design to your knack app.

We offer free code and support for each feature /function. If you've just seen this just sign up using the link below.

Hi Gabe,

Many thanks for your kind words and feedback on this.

I am looking to do some basic videos for some of these and basic tutorial pages. However these can be time consuming and it is just me so can start seeing some of your suggestions in the new year.


Hey Jonathan, this is awesome! 

One suggestion that would help average users like me (since I am really slow at javascript) would be to include a how to video using in each feature. 

Thanks for putting this together, it's really helpful!

Excellent work as always Jonathan. Thank You.