Duplicate field within Object

I would like to be able to copy a field to the same object and choose to include some or all field options such as validation or conditional rules.

For example, I have an app that has a lot of fields (150+ in one Object) and most of these are very similar to other fields in the Object. It would have saved me countless hours if it was possible to select one or more fields and create duplicates of them. Ideally, the duplication would also copy conditional rules and apply them to the newly duplicated field and correctly reference the other newly duplicated fields as targets within the conditional rules.

  1. In the Builder, in the relevant Object, in the Fields view, create a new button called "Actions", one of which is "Duplicate Fields".
  2. The User clicks on "Duplicate Fields".
  3. Checkboxes appear in the left-hand most part of the field boxes.
  4. The User selects the fields they want to duplicate and clicks "Duplicate" button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. A modal popup is displayed that gives the user some options about what to copy, for instance:
    a. Duplicate user data?
    b. Duplicate Conditional Rules?
    i. If Yes, are rules to be applied as absolute (keep referencing the original field) or relative (duplicate the fields and then reference the new fields in the conditional rules in the same manner as the original relationship)?
    c. How many times do you want to duplicate the fields?
  6. The User enters their prefered settings and clicks the "Duplicate" button.
  7. New fields are created with "Copy 1", "Copy 2", "Copy n" appended to the title of each.

Something like this should be possible:

@LindsayRob10468 is talking about copying fields in the builder - not copying records.

I confess it is not something that I have felt the need for that much except for perhaps variations of formula or conditional rule fields.