Add Connected users in a Many to Many connection

I am trying to create a booking schedule with a limited number of users on a created time period, I am currently working with each created time period as a new database, as well as a connected database to record all the users that have joined the specific event in the time time period database.
So the layout would be:
Singular [Courses (database)] - Many [Scheduled list (Database)] - Singular [Students(Users)]

I would like to filter the ones that the [Student] user has already selected and have a record in the [Scheduled list] Database so it would not show up in the Calendar view connected with the [Courses] Database.

The current thought process is to add a connection with the [Student] user in [Courses] so that with each form submission, it would add the “Logged In User” to the many to many connection field in [Courses] with users. but in knack, it only allows the field to be updated though it is a many to many connection.

Hi, Eddie!

It’s possible that using scheduled Tasks or Validation Rules in the form your users will be using to select your Scheduled Lists records, could help you accomplish your goal you’ve described here.

If this doesn’t lead you to a solution, I suggest checking out our Expert Directory to see about having one of our experts help you build out your app and your workflows for this scenario.

Thank you for sharing here! Have a great rest of your week :slight_smile:

You could also filter which records show in your Calendar View. For example, I have a table for Courses that has a many-to-many connection field to Students (let’s assume these courses are one-on-one courses where only one Student can sign up for this case). If a Student has already signed up for the course, I have set the Calendar view to only display Course records where the Students connection field value is blank (which means the Course is still available for a Student to sign up for it).

You can learn more about filtering which records show in your views here: Source: Which Records Will the View Display - Knack Knowledge Base

I am trying to insert a connected new record with the logged-in applicant here in the form’s record rule. with the many to many connection, though it can only update the record not insert it therefore overiding any old records that were added to the field.


Thanks for sharing the details here on this!

In order to help you make this work the way you envision, I recommend reaching out to the support team so that they can take a look at your app directly and see how you have your workflow setup. This way, they can share exactly how you can accomplish your goal with your current build.

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I have done so, thanks again!

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