Update many-to-many connection in zapier

I have a Class object with a many-to-many connection to a Trainee object. Trying to update the Trainees in the Class through Zapier but the zap removes all current trainees and only adds one new trainee to the Class. Is a many-to-many insert/update trigger to Knack not supported in Zapier?

I don’t think this is a Knack issue.
I’ve never used Zapier but I am an Integromat (Make) partner.
When you have a many to many relationship you need to use an Iterator module and create a comma separated string of the record ID’s for the many items and write this string into Knack in one go.

Otherwise it will just write the last item in the many series.

To be honest, it’s going to be a challenge to describe the process in detail in a forum post :blush:

I’m not sure what function you’d need to use for Zapier, hopefully someone else can help.

Thanks for the response Carl – I may try to transform in Power Query as comma separated and see if that works.

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