How to write to a connected table with Zapier?

Hello -

I am trying to connect two tables.  Table 1 is a user table.  Table 2 is a payment table (we need to do this outside of Knack because Knack does not allow monthly recurring payments).  Table 2 is populated via Zapier.  

The problem is that the connected field cannot be written to via zapier.

Anyone have any ideas about how to get the user name into the connected field?  Can it be calculated? 



Our new zapier integration is currently in beta! The new integration includes new "Search" and "Update" actions along with other useful updates. Check out our announcement for more information:

The "Search" action would be useful for your scenario here. You can find the "User" record, then insert the connected payment in the following step.

Struggling with the exact same thing. Any chance you found a solution?