Multiple connections between tables tripping me up

I have the following use case that I’m having trouble connecting: We have a set of interviewers, and a set of applicants. Two interviewers interview, say, 3 families. The same interviewer will have several assigned families.

I have the following tables:

  1. Household table - applicant parent/family info.
    Display field is email connection to Student table

  2. Student table - applicant student info. Connection from Student table to Household table via parent email (1 parent : many students)
    Display field is email connection to Prospective account role (created for this application)

  3. Volunteer - users register to be interviewers. Connection from Household table to Volunteer in the form of 2, 1:1 connections between household and volunteer to represent a volunteer being assigned to interview a family
    Display field is email connection to existing Parent account role (volunteer parents already in the program)

So far, using page views, users can sign up to create their Prospective account, and log in and fill in an application form with info split between 2 Household and Student tables.

Volunteers (parents with Knack accounts with parent roles) can log in and register to be volunteers (additional role assigned).

Admins can assign volunteer interviewers to households. For each household record, I can populate 2 connection fields with emails, one for each interviewer assigned to the household.

I cannot figure out how to copy the assigned interviewer emails to the student record. I want emails in both places to send custom emails to volunteers relating to status wrt their assigned student(s).

The form for assigning interviewers is an edit child page from a grid of all households. I can’t find a way to access the student record connected to the Household record. Adding another view on the edit page to update a record has the option:

"This form updates a NewApplicationStudent record connected to the NewApplicationHousehold records connected to this page’s NewScholarApplicationVolunteer .”

Which connection will connect NewScholarApplicationVolunteer to this page’s NewApplicationHousehold ? My options are to select one of the 2 connections in the Household table corresponding to Interviewer#1 or #2. If I mean to use the connexion between Student and Household tables of the the parent email field

Any help on making this final step of connecting volunteers to the student records would be much appreciated.